Class 70 in San Diego Fall of 2009 Class 70 in San Diego Fall of 2009 Narcisa in San Diego Willie, Liza, Gemma, Neneng, Narcisa & Dan 67622316 Sin-o na? 67622317 Vegetarians Liza , Neneng & Dan 67622318 Ceal plare Gemma and Elizabeth 67622319 Dinner in the backyard Sisig na bangus (prepared by Liza), sinugba na pampano, inihaw na talong,sinabawang tahong, were the main dish 67622320 After dinner activity You can tell who the palamadjong are. 67622322 MIdnight Special Enjoying Myrna's home made batchoy 67622323 Over a cup of coffee Talking about July 2010 reunion. Who's going? 67622324 I feel like dancing Josette teaching the latest in line dancing. 67622325 Enjoy lang kamo da The two doctors, Vic and Dan enjoying the moment. 67622326 Afternoon Walk The gang after a 2 mile walk. The Coronado Bay Bridge on he background. 69062408 Afternoon Walk Behind us is the skyline of downtown San Diego. 69062409 Standing at the tip of California Taken at the Cabrillo National Park overlooking San Diego Bay, the southernmost tip. 69062410 Cabrillo National Park Where the Cabrillo Lighthouse and the Cabrillo National Cemetery can be found. 69062411 Otay Lakes Picnic Ground Sunday morning picnic. 69062413 69062414 69062416 69065467 69062417 69065468 69065469 69065470 69065471 69065472 69065473 Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca. 72519296 Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca. 72519297